Problem Solving in the Garden: Ecological Pest & Disease Control 101

pest problems

Thurs August 20th
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Trent field Garden
$5 or pwyc

Join the Trent Vegetable Gardens and Dan Legaut from Dan Ledandan Foods for this informative workshop on how to solve persistent problems in the garden.

As a long time gardener, past coordinator of the Trent Vegetable gardens, CSA operator and more, Dan has the experience and know-how to deal with some of the toughest trouble shooting in the garden. Learn the basics of bug prevention including cucumber beetles and leek moths; critter control; attracting beneficials; and how to get rid of fungus and mildews! This workshop may just be the key to breathing easy in the garden all season long!

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-go to the main parking lot of the DNA building such that you are facing the building
-from there walk to the back left hand side of the parking lot where there will be a gate with a gravel road behind it
-walk through (or around if its closed) the gate and follow that path as it leads around to the left
– Keep following that Gravel road until it leads you directly into the field garden. We are just past the fenced in area. (Do not take the other road veering to the right. That will lead you astray!),-78.284229/@44.3602149,-78.2867695,655m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e2?hl=en